Friday, April 15, 2011

11B- Success Groups

This weeks topic will be the Law of Attraction.  Join me tomorrow to read more!

Hello everyone,
I know some of you may be wondering how a Success Group can work for you.  If  you are a stay at home Mom in need of "Mommy Support", or if you are starting your own business and in need of "Small Business Support", or you are a working Mom/Dad in need of "Balancing Support", you could benefit from a group of like minded individuals that help you on that path.  No matter what your needs are, I am sure there are people around you with similar needs.  With a Success Group, each member brings their own unique challenges and solutions to the group and you get focused attention on what you are going through with tons of great input.  Everyone needs support and what a great way to get it!  

If you are interested in starting a Success Group, you need to find the best members for the goals you want to accomplish.  Ask if they are interested in joining and see if they know anyone they think may be a good addition.  By having others reach out too, you are expanding your network and hopefully adding some additional knowledge to the group.  Remember to keep it to 4-6 people so everyone always feels like they are an integral part of the group and everyone has a chance to share and grow. 

Things to consider when starting the group are where and when you will meet.  How long each meeting will be and how much time you want to allow for each person to speak.  You will need to decide how formal you want the group.  Do you want a moderator/timekeeper that keeps the meeting on track?  You and your group can create anything you need this to be.  Decide on your group goals and cater the group to meet those goals.  One main goal should be to get more accomplished than you each would on your own.  Make sure to check in regularly to make sure all of your individual needs are being met and to make sure everyone is getting the benefits of the group environment.  If not, work together as a group to create a solution.  Really look at each individuals goals and work together to help each other accomplish those goals!

Either journal about these questions or spend some time thinking about your answers.
- Would a Success Group work for you?
- What do you want the groups focus to be?
- How many people do you want in your group?
- How will you find members?
- When is the best time to meet?
- How long will your meetings be?
- What format will work best for your group?
- What are the goals of the group? 
- What are your individual goals?

If you have done the fieldwork earlier in the week and done the bonus challenge, you are ready to start a Success Group of your own.  Be ready to share your short and long term goals, any recent successes you have had, any big challenges you face, what you want from the group, and what you bring to the group.  Also consider any other information you think will help the group best support you.  Make a list of this and ask each member to do this as well.  I want each of you to have all of the success you need so you have your perfect life and your perfect balance!

If you have questions about how a Success Group can work for you, email me and I will be glad to help!  Also, remember you can email me any coaching questions you have and I will support you along that path as well!
Enjoy the journey! 
Coach Gaye

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