Friday, May 13, 2011

15-B More Questions

The upcoming topic, 16A, will be Coming Home.  Join me tomorrow to see more!

I know when you think about asking questions of yourself it can be a scary proposition.  Some of the answers may scare us as well.  So many of us don't like change, but by asking questions and being open to the answers, we may be creating change for ourselves. 

The thing to keep in mind is that by asking the questions and making the necessary changes, we are living a more true life.  Isn't it more scary to think about going through life blindly not questioning anything and just accepting whatever life throws our way.  What type of life do you want?  One where you think about what you want to create and you are an active participant, or one where you are just reactive to things coming your way.

When I am struggling with something that is a little scary, I always ask myself  "what is the worse case scenario?"  I think through how I would handle that, and many times, the worst thing that could happen is really not so bad.  Don't be afraid of the questions or answers.  Jump in and create your life!  Be careful, you may get exactly what you want;)

Either journal about these questions or spend some time thinking through the answers.
- Why do we struggle with asking ourselves the questions we know we should ask?
- What changes do you need to make in your life today?
- Why is this so hard?
- Why is change so scary?
- What is the alternative to not asking questions of ourselves?
- Is that how you want to live your life?
- What is the worse case scenario if you start to question what you want in your life?
- Will you be able to handle that?

Ask yourself the tough questions you know you should ask about your life and the direction you want to head.  Be true to who you are and what you really want.  Open yourself up so you can live the life of your dreams!

Topic 15 Bonus Challenge:(Sorry this was not posted earlier- blogspot was having technical difficulties and it did not post.)
If you have skipped some of the questions from past blogs, go back and answer those. Ask yourself why you skipped them. Did they bring up something for you or did they just not fit for you at the time? Create positive shifts for yourself this week.
Remember, the answers are all inside.  Enjoy the journey!
Coach Gaye

Monday, May 9, 2011

15-A You have the answers inside

I took last night off from posting the upcoming weeks blog topic because it was Mother's Day yesterday.  Happy Mother's Day to all of the Mothers that read the blog.  I hope you had a wonderful day!  As I am writing right now, I am still not sure what the topic this week is going to be, so maybe there was a little procrastination going on as well.

One thing I do want to share this week is to explain why I ask so many questions in my blog.  As a coach, I truly feel like we all have the answers inside of us.  No one can create our perfect life for us and we are the only person that knows exactly what we need.  We are all so unique and what works best for someone else may not work for us at all.  I am not saying if I asked "what do you need in your life right now" you would be able to answer with exact clarity, but by asking so many different questions, I hope you are able to answer a few of them and I hope they get you thinking.

Another major reason I always include questions is to get you on track to start asking yourself questions when you are working through something.  By providing you with some questions, I hope you work through those and then ask yourself even more questions to get you moving along your path.  By having you think through the answers to the questions, I hope you can begin to see how just asking a few questions of yourself can open you up to the answers inside.

By being open to asking yourself even the hard questions, I hope you will begin to see and create your perfect path.  As a coach, I love it when I ask the right question.  The one that gives you an "aha" moment.  The one that makes you know you have the answers inside and you are on your perfect path.  Don't be afraid to go even more deeply than my questions do.  Trust yourself and your answers.  Remember you have all of the answers inside!

Either journal about these questions or spend some time thinking through the answers.
- What questions do you need to ask yourself?
- Where could your life improve?
- What is holding you back from making changes?
- Do you answer the weekly questions?
- If not, why?
- What path do you need to follow?
- What is the perfect path for you?
- What do you need to open up inside of yourself?

Really work through the questions and create some great questions on your own.  Ask yourself tough questions and don't be afraid to answer them.  You know your path, trust yourself!

Quote: Charles Proteus Steinmetz- There are no foolish questions, and no man becomes a fool until he has stopped asking questions. 

Enjoy the journey!
Coach Gaye