Monday, March 7, 2011

6A/6B- Tolerations

The upcoming topic will be "Don't take things personally"!  I hope you will check back this week to see more!

This week the topic is Handling Tolerations.  I am going to combine the blog posts this week so there will not be an additional post about Tolerations on Thursday.  The fieldwork and challenge information are all going to be posted today too, so come back and work through things at your own pace.

 After the last few weeks of working really hard on ourselves, this week I want to do something a little more simple but equally as important.  We are going to work on clearing up tolerations from our lives.

Tolerations are the small things we keep pushing aside and not taking care of.  They end up taking much more time and energy than they deserve.  If we handle things right away, how much time, space and energy would we free up?

By not handling things right away, we end up wasting more time and energy on things than we need to.  For example, when the mail comes do you go through things right away or do you make a couple of stacks then go through it and move a few things to another stack then finally get to the final stack and handle things?  How many times do you touch each piece of mail before taking care of it?  How much time and energy have you spent thinking about it, moving it and finally taking care of it?  How much time and energy would it take to touch it once and be finished with it?

This is just one example of dragging out something and allowing it to become a toleration.  Tolerations are things like household chores or repairs, your to-do list, or anything you are procrastinating about.  What do you have on your list that you need to take care of right now?

 Either journal about these questions or spend some time thinking about each one.
-What are you tolerating in your life?
- What does it feel like to have things in your  life you know you need to take care of?
- How will it feel to take care of these tolerations?
- Do you handle things immediately or wait until the last minute?
- How can you be more proactive?
- What will it feel like to take care of your tolerations before they drag you down?
- What will it feel like to not have any tolerations?

Fieldwork 6A:
 List 10 things you are currently tolerating and take care of those items.

Fieldwork 6B:
When things show up in your life, start to take care of them more quickly.  Don't let the list build up once you have taken care of your tolerations.  Handle things one time if possible.  If you did not complete your 10 items from 6A or if you list was longer, take care of those tolerations and any additional tolerations you may have.

Bonus Challenge topic 6-
Begin to notice the difference you feel when you take care of your tolerations. What does it feel like to take care of items you have been avoiding? How can you avoid having another list of tolerations in the future?
Quote: Thomas Jefferson- Never put of till tomorrow what you can do today.

Enjoy the journey!
Coach Gaye