Friday, July 15, 2011

22-B Leave your Ego Behind

This weeks post will be Finding Your Purpose.  Join me Monday to read more!

Can your ego ever be beneficial?  There are definitely different thoughts on this.  Some think the ego is always negative and that our ego drives us to be selfish so we should avoid it at all costs.  Others think we would not accomplish anything without a little pushing from our ego so we should embrace it.  I fall somewhere in the middle.  I think our egos can be beneficial if we are being true to our unique self and we use our ego to motivate us to accomplish goals that are positive and serve a greater purpose. 

You need to decide how much you want your ego present in your life.  If you let your ego take over when you react to situations and you want to react from a less egocentric perspective, then work on that.  If you feel your ego can benefit and drive you to help others and the world, then work on that.  Everyone will have different thoughts on this and I encourage you to evaluate what will work best for you and your life.

By being true to your self and your true purpose and calling, you can use your ego to help create the life you really want to be living.  By helping others and living a life that is on purpose, you will see the benefits come back to you.  Begin to define your purpose and evaluate everything you want in your life and decide how your ego will play a part in achieving your goals. 

Does your ego help you or hurt you?
How does it help or hurt you?
Are there times when your ego gets in your way?
Are there times when your ego helps you accomplish beneficial and positive goals?
Can you find a way to balance your ego so it provides benefits but does not rule you in a negative way?

Darren L. Johnson- The ego competes with the spirit for control over your inner voice.

Begin to find ways to use your ego in a positive way to help others while staying true to you.  Open yourself up to others and you will see the benefits in your own life.

Topic 22 Bonus Challenge:
The next time someone is upset with you, begin to notice why they may be reacting the way they are. Are they reacting based on their need to protect their ego? If so, begin to understand this is what is happening and try to approach the situation in a more understanding way. See if you can help them remove their ego from the situation.

Decide the role you want your ego to play and go for it!
Enjoy the journey! 
Coach Gaye

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