Friday, June 10, 2011

18-B Surround Yourself with Positive Influences

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If we are working on surrounding ourselves with positive influences, we should also consider whether we are doing our part to be a positive influence for others.  To go along with being positive to others, it is important that we treat ourselves in a positive manner as well.  If we approach life from a more positive perspective, and we surround ourselves with positive people, chances are, we will have a more positive outcome.

Are you open and ready to help others and do you send off a positive message?  I know sometimes I catch myself being caught up in my life and I have an interaction with someone and recognize later that I could have been more friendly and open.  It is hard to react in a positive way all of the time, but if we begin to be more aware of the messages we are sending out, we can begin to make small changes.  Over time, those small changes will become your new and positive way of life. 

It is a nice little cycle.  We find the good in ourselves and are positive.  We offer our positive outlook to others and we see the good that others bring into our lives.  We become more positive and treat others more positive and the cycle continues with us reaping the rewards.  When we begin to replace negative messages with positive after some time, everything becomes more positive!   

Either journal about these questions or spend some time thinking about your answers.

- What messages are you sending out?
- Are you a positive influence?
- How do you positively impact others?
- If someone wanted your help reaching a goal, how would you react?
- What can you do to be more positive to yourself?
- What can you do to be more positive to others?
-  How can you have a more positive rewarding life?
- What goals do you need to set for yourself to make this happen?

Be a positive influence to someone else.  Offer up your expertise and pass along a positive rewarding experience for someone in need of help.  Notice how it feels when you go out of your way to help someone else.  Who gets the most benefit?  You or them??

Quote: Donny Osmond-Always surround yourself with people who are better than you. If you are hanging around bad people they are going to start bringing you down but if you surround yourself with good people they are going to be pulling you up.

Enjoy the journey!
Coach Gaye

Monday, June 6, 2011

18-A Surround Yourself with Positive Influences

Since we are on the subject of being positive and inviting what we want in our lives, I thought it would be good to mention how important it is to surround yourself with people that are good role models and positive influences.  If you are working on your life, it is important to pay attention to who you interact with and who you invite into your life.

A friend mentioned the other day how nice it is to be in a group of friends where the couples all seem happy and are in good marriages.  I started thinking how important who we surround ourselves with really is.  If we are trying to have a good marriage and all of the people we are around don't like their spouses it will be harder for us to find happiness.  If we are around couples that are happy together, we can feed off of that and it helps us find happiness too.

If being happy and healthy is important to you, and you have people surrounding you that are happy and healthy, the chance of you achieving that are much greater.  Decide what is important to you and see if the people you have around you support your mission.  If they don't, find people that do.  Find role models you can look up to and who will encourage you to live the life you are ready for.  If you are trying to eat better, find someone that eats more healthy and ask for guidance.  If you want to set career goals, find someone that is great at that.  You get the point, evaluate what is most important to you right now and find some positive influences to help you with your goals.

I don't want you to dump everyone that does not fit exactly with your goals.  I am sure you have your particular friends for a reason.  They give you something right?  Instead of pushing anyone aside, evaluate the good your friends and family bring to you and make sure to appreciate those traits in them.  Decide what each one does best and look at them for support in that way.  Find the way they positively influence you.

If we find what is positive in the people surrounding us and if we add positive influences where we need support, we will reach our goals much easier and faster.  Set yourself up for success!

Either journal about the questions or spend some time thinking through your answers.
- Who do you surround yourself with?
- Are they negative or positive?
- How does this impact you?
- What are your life goals?
- How can you find positive role models to help you achieve these goals?
- Who would support you living the life of your dreams?
- Who is a positive role model you can reach out to?
- What does it feel like when you come in contact with someone that is positive?

Decide on at least one goal you are working on and find someone positive to support you in that.  Find someone that will offer you support, be a positive role model and help you along your path.

Bonus Challenge:
Be a positive influence on yourself.  Evaluate what is positive about you.  What do you offer others and what is great about you?
Enjoy the journey!
Coach Gaye