Friday, April 22, 2011

12B- Attraction

The upcoming topic is Gratitude.  Join me tomorrow to see more!

I hope you all are having a good "Good Friday"!  If you have worked on 12A, you can take attraction a step further and really put out there what you want to attract into your life.  Keep telling yourself you have the things you want and visualize yourself already having those things.  Act as if they are already yours.  For example, if you want to lose weight, don't keep saying" I need to lose weight" or "I need to diet".  If you do, that will become your truth.  Instead see yourself at the perfect weight and say "I am perfect at xxx pounds".  By changing your thoughts, you allow yourself to attract everything you want in life.

Remember, you are getting what you think you deserve.  What are you attracting?  This is probably what you feel you deserve or it is the message you keep sending yourself.  Have you ever said "I am having such a bad day" and the day only gets worse?  Send out positive thoughts and energy and this is what you will get back.  Send out negative thoughts and energy and this is what you will get back.  The basic law of physics says "like attracts like" so really be conscious of what you are putting out there and what you are attracting.  Open yourself up and visualize your perfect life and start attracting that life to you!

Either journal about these questions or spend some time thinking through each answer.
- What do you think about having in your life?
- What would it take to get you there?
- What negative messages are holding you back?
- What positive things do you need to tell yourself?
- How can you change your messaging to attract the things you want?
- Do you believe you can have everything you want?
- If so, create it!
- If not, why?

Fieldwork:  12B- Don't just dream about the life you want. Act on those dreams and create this for yourself. Dream it, believe it, create it and be gracious for all you have!

Quote: Brian Tracy- You are a living magnet. What you attract into your life is in harmony with your dominant thoughts.  

Enjoy the journey!
Coach Gaye

Monday, April 18, 2011

12A- Attraction


I hope you are enjoying the blog and I hope it is impacting your life in a positive way.  If you are able to find time each week to answer the questions and do the fieldwork, I hope it is helping you make beneficial changes in  your life.  I know it is easy to get bogged down by life, but I hope you are able to take some time just for you each week!

This week, we are going to look at the Law of Attraction.  Basically the premise is that what you put out there is what you get back.  If you say to yourself "I have no money" then you end up having no money.  If you say to yourself "I need to lose weight" then you attract that as well.  If  you can find a positive way to phrase things, that is what you will bring to yourself.  Instead of saying "I have no money" say "I have all of the money I need".  Look at life like you already have all of the things you want and that is what you will attract.  When we open ourselves up, it is amazing what we can bring into our lives.

If you have worked on some of the past topics, you are hopefully on the track to being more positive and seeing the good in yourself and others.  This takes that a step further and opens you up to attract the great and wonderful things you are ready for.  We have way more control over our lives than we think.  See  yourself the way you want to be and know that is who you are.  Believe in it and that is what you will attract into your life.

Either journal about the questions or spend some time thinking about each answer.
- What do you want in your life?
- What do you want to attract to you?
- Can you visualize yourself already having the life you want?
- Can you word things to yourself in a positive way so you open yourself up to attract the good?
- How can you focus on the positive and leave the negative behind?
- What life do you want?
- What do you need to do to have that life?

Begin to see yourself as already having the things you want to attract into your life.  Allow yourself to attract those things.  You have to know you deserve them to be able to attract them!

Bonus Challenge 12: Create a list of positive affirmations to tell yourself each morning or night. Use present tense, say it in a positive way and be very short and specific. Believe this is your life! For example say: I have a wonderful marriage or I love my life or I have a beautiful house. You can go into more detail if you would like.
Enjoy the journey!
Coach Gaye