Monday, October 10, 2011

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Enjoy the journey!!
Coach Gaye

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Friday, October 7, 2011

33-B Forgiveness

When working on forgiveness, it is important to really work on forgiving yourself for all of the things you are holding onto.  When your friends or family do things, sometimes you can easily forgive them, but if you did the same exact thing they did, you would have a hard time forgiving yourself.  We can all be so hard on our self and so judgemental of our own actions.

We tend to beat ourselves up for all of the "bad" things we do and we allow those feelings of unworthiness, self doubt, self blame and self loathing to begin to form who we think we are.  While our choices are a symbol of who we are, they don't define us as a person.  We all make mistakes and do things we wish we had not done.  The question is how can you begin to forgive yourself for your mistakes?

If you can begin to see the lesson in your actions, you can forgive yourself when think you have made a mistake.  If you realize what the lesson is and learn and grow from your mistakes, are they really mistakes?  Can you find a way to forgive yourself for all of your "mistakes" and truly learn the lesson they are there to teach?

Either journal about these questions or spend some time thinking through your answers.
- What do you need to forgive yourself for?
- What lessons do you need to learn from the "mistakes"  you have made?
- What is holding you back from forgiving yourself and others?
- What would it feel like to forgive all of the grudges you are holding onto?
- How would it feel inside your heart?
- Is it worth holding onto the things you are holding onto?
- Who is paying the price for not offering forgiveness to yourself and others?
- Are you willing to forgive so you can grow and open up?

Think back to the last time you were upset or angry at yourself for something you have done.  Forgive yourself for that action and find the lesson in it.  Find a way to move past what you are holding onto.  You are a wonderful person so treat yourself that way!

Enjoy the journey!
Coach Gaye  

Monday, October 3, 2011

33-A Forgiveness

This weeks topic is forgiveness.  Forgiving others as well as yourself!  It can be hard to forgive others when they have done something that hurts or upset you, but when you hold on to things, you are the one that suffers.

Your ego is here to protect you and when someone does something to hurt you, your ego jumps in and says, that person did something wrong so I am going to be angry at them.  If you look at what is really happening and if you can realize your ego is making you upset to protect you, you can begin to judge your reaction with less emotion.  When you were a child, your ego really did need to protect you, but now that you are an adult, you really don't need all of that protection.  If you become conscious about what your ego is protecting you from, you can work on the issues you may have that are limiting you and your growth.

From my childhood, I held onto the message that I was unworthy.  By understanding that my childhood feelings of unworthiness cause my reaction to situations as an adult, I can make changes to how I react now.  Everytime a person or situation makes me feel unworthy, my ego jumps in and tries to protect me.  I don't need this protection anymore.  I can forgive myself and others when I feel this way.  When I look at my childhood through adult eyes, I can understand that no one purposely tried to make me feel unworthy so it is important for me to forgive my past as well.  Understanding and forgiving my past and changing my reaction in the present is what will allow me to grow and move on.

The first step to forgive others is realize what in you is making you so angry or upset.  Once you realize what the situation is bringing up in you, you can forgive others when they make you feel this way.  Most people are not trying to attack you personally or consciously.  After you have forgiven others,  you also need to go back inside and forgive yourself.  Appreciate what your ego is trying to protect you from and acknowledge that you don't need that protection anymore.  By forgiving others, yourself and your ego, you can truly be free.

Either journal about these questions or spend a few minutes thinking about each of your answers.
- What do you need to forgive others for?
- What do you need to forgive yourself for?
- What is your ego trying to protect you from?
- What behavior in others makes you angry?
- Why does this behavior make you angry or upset?
- What does their behavior bring up inside of you?
- What feeling as a child is your ego protecting your from?
- How can you acknowledge that you don't need protection from this anymore?
- How can you forgive and move on so you are ready to grow?
- What would it feel like to forgive and let go of all of the negative emotions surrounding you?

Are you holding onto something that you need to forgive someone for?  Work through why you are so angry and find a way to forgive them, you and your ego.  Find peace and understanding about the situation.

Enjoy the journey!
Coach Gaye

Saturday, October 1, 2011

32-B Listen to your Heart

If you listen to your heart, it will tell you your purpose.  You have all of the answers inside of you and if you direct your questions through your heart, you will get the right answers every time.  Your heart knows exactly what you need, what you have to offer others and what your soul's purpose is.

When you put the focus off of yourself and your ego and begin to look at what you have to offer others and what speaks to you in your heart, you will find your mission and purpose in life.  By staying true to you, you can create an amazing life.  What could be better than knowing your true purpose and sharing it with the world?

If you shift focus from what can you do to make money and you begin to listen to your heart and see what you can do for others, your message will become clear.  I know it can be scary to trust that God, the Universe or any other higher power you may believe in, knows exactly what  you need, but when you connect to your source through your heart, you can't go wrong.  As soon as you look through your heart and find the light that you are meant to shine, you will be amazed how your path becomes clear.  You just have to be ready and open to take your next steps through your heart.

Either journal about these questions or spend some time thinking about your answers.
- Are you ready to open up and listen to your heart?
- When do you listen to your heart now?
- What does your heart tell you?
- What is your true purpose?
- Can you trust that if you connect through your heart, your message will become clear?
- If you have some hesitation, what would it take for you to trust completely?

Focus on others through your heart and see what you have to offer them.  What do you have in your heart to share and give to others?  This week, take time to offer others what you have inside of you.

Quote: Unknown-Follow your heart but be quiet for a while first. Ask questions, then feel the answer. Learn to trust your heart.

Topic 32 Bonus Challenge:
Find a physical act to do to help you when you are trying to listen to your heart. When you listen to your heart, it really helps to attach a physical act to the emotional act. I like to touch my heart when I know I need to listen better and it really helps me focus. If I am coming from a place of ego, I can touch my heart and it will help lead the way straight to my heart.
Enjoy the journey!
Coach Gaye

Monday, September 26, 2011

Listen to you Heart!

Last week we talked about looking inside when things get tough or when we feel stuck.  Another way to help when you are stuck is to listen to your heart.  If you approach things from your heart and through your heart, you will notice a huge difference in how you handle everything around you.

I have been working on this lately and have noticed huge shifts in my coaching and in my everyday life.  I can feel the difference when I approach things through my heart instead of letting my ego take over.  When I am able to go through my heart and present myself to the world that way, I know I am on the right path and the path for my future opens up right before me.  It aligns me with the universe and connects me to everyone around me and I want that for each of you.  It is amazing the difference you can create in your life by making this one change!

By shifting your focus from just reacting to the external things going on around you to approaching each situation through your heart, you will bring compassion and love to each situation and that is exactly what life will present to you.  Remember, what you put out there is what you get back.  If you are able to make a conscious effort to listen to your heart and work through your heart, you can absolutely affect the type of life you lead.

Either journal about these questions or spend some time thinking through your answers.
- Do you come through your heart when  you approach most situations?
- Is there a way for you to be more conscious of what your heart is saying to you?
- If you listen to your heart, what is it telling you?
- How would it feel to come from a place of love, compassion and understanding?
- Can you notice a difference when you come from your heart and when you don't?
- Which place feels better to you?
- Where do you choose to live your life?

Spend a few quiet moments with your heart.  Ask if there is anything it needs you to know and listen to what your heart opens up for you.  Begin to make this a practice you do on a regular basis.  Open your heart and notice the changes it makes in your life.

Enjoy the journey!
Coach Gaye

Friday, September 23, 2011

31-B When you get stuck work on You!

The upcoming weeks topic is Listen to your Heart!  Join me tomorrow to read more and get the fieldwork and questions!

When you are at a place in your life and you don't know what the next step is, do something to grow and learn just for you.  If you turn the search inside instead of outside, your path will become clear.  What do you need in your life right now?  Only you know!

All of the answers are inside you.  You just have to look inside and be willing to trust that you are following the best path for you.  Things are unfolding at a perfect rate and your path is perfect for the growth you are ready for right now.  Be open to the questions and the challenges that show up for you along the way and you will get the answers.  You may not be able to see the whole path so focus on the next step- one step at a time will get you there! 
When you turn inside and you ask for what you need and are open for the answers, the universe will provide.  Sometimes your lesson may come in the way of something hard that you must work through, and sometimes the answer may be something simple and enjoyable, but the growth and learning is wrapped up in there somewhere.  Look inside and see what work you need to do on you and your path will become clear.  When you get stuck and look inside, you show the universe that you are ready for the next step.  Show the universe you are ready now!

Either journal about the following questions or spend some time working through the answers.
- Are you stuck right now?
- When you look inside, what do you see?
- What do you need in your life right now?
- What do you think your next step is and are you open to receiving the message?
- Are you ready to grow and learn and take the next step on your path?
- What step are you ready to take today?

Turn your search inside and see what you need in your life right now.  Do something this week to work on you!  Be open for the growth you are ready for!

Bonus Challenge:
Sign up for a class, read a book or learn that new skill you know you are ready for.  Don't wait any longer to work on you!

Quote: Bruce Jenner- If you want to take your mission in life to the next level, if you're stuck and you don't know how to rise, don't look outside yourself. Look inside.

Enjoy the journey!
Coach Gaye

Monday, September 19, 2011

31-A When you feel stuck, work on You!

Sometimes in life, you feel like things are at a stand still and you are not sure exactly which direction to go.  When you get to a place like this, some great advice is to work on you.  If you take some time to focus on you and your needs, you will be able to get yourself back on track and create forward momentum.

With my coaching, when I am feeling stuck, I take a new class or teleseminar or read a new book and it gives me some much needed insight and direction into where I want to go next.  By working on me, I open myself up to the next step and the possibilities start to come my way.

If you are feeling stuck and are not sure what to do, think of something that would give you juice or make you feel alive and take a leap and learn something new.  By doing this, you show the universe you are ready for the next step and the next step opens up right before you.  When you open yourself up to the possibilities, they really do show up for you.  Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself to take the next step you are ready to take.   

Either journal about the following questions or spend some time thinking about your answers.
- What do you usually do when you are stuck?
- What would it do for you if you did something for yourself?
- What could you do that would give you energy and knowledge?
- What are you feeling stuck about and what can you learn to help you feel unstuck?
- What message does it send when you take care of yourself?
- Are you ready for the next step?
- Are you ready to be unstuck?

If you are feeling stuck, what is one thing you can do to work on yourself?  Do that for yourself this week.  Open yourself up to something new and see where it takes you. 

Enjoy the journey!
Coach Gaye

Friday, September 16, 2011

30-B What is the Outside Saying about the Inside?

The upcoming weeks topic will be When you feel stuck, work on you!  I hope you join me tomorrow to read more!

When we ignore what is going on inside, it usually shows up for us on the outside.  We get signs from our outside all of the time to listen to our heart and take care of ourselves from the inside out.  When we don't feel good on the inside, people can tell on the outside. 

On the flip side, when you feel great on the inside, the outside reaps the benefits too.  You know how you feel when you are having one of those great days and everything is going your way.  Think about how you treat your body and your outside.  Do you exercise more, take more time for you,  spend a little more time getting ready or eat more healthy foods?  When things feel great on the inside, we tend to treat our outside better.  So, if we can begin to make the inside feel better all of the time, we will take better care of our outside all of the time too.

I know it sounds simple, but by taking some time to figure out what may be causing us problems on the inside and by working on those problems, we can improve how things look on the outside too.  Be willing to look hard at yourself and see what you may need to work on or let go of and do the work it takes to improve yourself.  Take control of what the outside is saying about the inside and more importantly, take control of how the inside feels.

-When we don't take care of our emotions, feelings and issues on the inside, how do they show up for us on the outside?
-What could that chronic back issue or headache really be telling us?
-If our outside is a reflection of our inside, what is your outside appearance saying about you?
-What work do you need to do on the inside?
-How would it feel to take better care of yourself?
-When is the right time to take care of you?
-What do you need to do to start taking care of your inside right now?

Look inside and find at least one thing you are going to work on to improve your life.  I want you to keep the focus on the inside and work hard to listen to your heart.  It will tell you what you need to work on the most!

Enjoy the journey!
Coach Gaye

Monday, September 12, 2011

30-A What is the outside saying about the inside?

When we see people for the first time, our initial judgements are made based on appearance.  We do this to others and they do this to us.  I want to look a little deeper into this and turn the question inside.  What your outside is saying about your inside?

More often than not, when we don't feel good on the inside, we show that on the outside.  Whether it is something from the past we are holding onto or whether it is those last few pounds we need to lose, the things happening on the inside affect how we take care of our outside.  We don't take as much care of our outside appearance when things are not feeling good on the inside.

 By using our outside appearance as a clue, we can see if we may need to work on some things on the inside.  If we are treating our appearance differently than we usually do, that may be a signal that we have some things that need to be addressed going on inside of us.  If we have issues showing up on the outside, the inside might be the culprit.  Look inside and see!

- What does your outside say about your inside?
- What are some things you may need to work on so you begin to take better care of yourself inside and out?
-Do you have things you are holding onto that you need to work on?
-What do you want your outside to say about your inside?
-What do you need to do to make positive changes?
-What is the first step you need to take to make you feel good inside?
-What will it feel like to feel good inside?
-What will it feel like to have the outside feel as good as the inside?
-What are you waiting on?

Take a hard look at yourself and see what your outside is saying about your inside.  Begin to look at what you need to work on inside so you take better care of your whole being.

Quote: Unknown- How things look on the outside of us depends on how things are on the inside of us.

Topic 30 Bonus Challenge:
Play with how the outside and inside are reflections of each other. Change one thing on the outside and see if it helps you notice and/or change anything on the inside. How do you feel when you take better care of yourself?
Enjoy the journey!
Coach Gaye

Monday, September 5, 2011

12-B repost-Attraction

This week, I am reposting the readers favorites, so I hope you enjoy looking at Attraction again.  If you want to see the initial post on this topic, go back and read 12-A.  Enjoy!

I hope you all are having a good "Good Friday"!  If you have worked on 12A, you can take attraction a step further and really put out there what you want to attract into your life.  Keep telling yourself you have the things you want and visualize yourself already having those things.  Act as if they are already yours.  For example, if you want to lose weight, don't keep saying" I need to lose weight" or "I need to diet".  If you do, that will become your truth.  Instead see yourself at the perfect weight and say "I am perfect at xxx pounds".  By changing your thoughts, you allow yourself to attract everything you want in life.

Remember, you are getting what you think you deserve.  What are you attracting?  This is probably what you feel you deserve or it is the message you keep sending yourself.  Have you ever said "I am having such a bad day" and the day only gets worse?  Send out positive thoughts and energy and this is what you will get back.  Send out negative thoughts and energy and this is what you will get back.  The basic law of physics says "like attracts like" so really be conscious of what you are putting out there and what you are attracting.  Open yourself up and visualize your perfect life and start attracting that life to you!

Either journal about these questions or spend some time thinking through each answer.
- What do you think about having in your life?
- What would it take to get you there?
- What negative messages are holding you back?
- What positive things do you need to tell yourself?
- How can you change your messaging to attract the things you want?
- Do you believe you can have everything you want?
- If so, create it!
- If not, why?

Fieldwork:  12B- Don't just dream about the life you want. Act on those dreams and create this for yourself. Dream it, believe it, create it and be gracious for all you have!

Quote: Brian Tracy- You are a living magnet. What you attract into your life is in harmony with your dominant thoughts.  

Enjoy the journey!
Coach Gaye

Friday, September 2, 2011

29-B What's Missing

Let's expand a little bit on the topic of What's Missing.  I want you to really begin to see that what you are not giving is the same as you are not getting.  What you feel is missing is what you are unable or are not giving to others.

Once you realize this is what is happening, it is easy to turn it around so you begin to give to others what you feel is missing from your life.  If you want love, peace and harmony, then become love, peace and harmony and give that to everyone you encounter.  You will be surprised at how this will give you everything you thought was missing.  If you can label the things you feel like are scarce in your life and you live from abundance and share those traits and characteristics with others, then you will get those things back to you in even more abundance than you ever imagined.

Oftentimes when we feel neglected or feel like someone is not giving us what we need, the normal reaction is to pull back.  For example if I want my husband to focus more on me when he gets home from work, then my normal reaction would be to shut down when he comes home because I feel like he is not giving me exactly what I need.  I would feel hurt and angry that he is not focusing on me so I would not focus on him and let him make me feel ignored again;)  If I can shift this behavior and if I start to focus more on my husband when he comes home from work then he will begin to focus more on me as well.  If I change my percepetion, then my attitude and approach change, and his reaction to me will change as well.  By opening myself up and giving more, I allow more into my life. 

Either journal about these topics or spend some time thinking about each of your answers.
- What are you ready to create in your life?
- What do you want to invite more of into your life?
- What do you need to give more of so you get what you feel is missing in your life?
- What do you hold back from others?
- What do you really wish you had more of in your life?
- How can you give what you feel is missing?

Begin to make shifts in your life.  Look back at your list from Monday and begin to give to others what you feel is missing.  Change your thoughts and attitude and change what you get from life.

Enjoy the journey!
Coach Gaye

Monday, August 29, 2011

29-A What's Missing

After last weeks topic about being good and feeling good on the inside, I thought it would be good to write about what we may be missing in our life.  We may be doing great things and still feel like something is missing.  An interesting way to think about what you may be missing is to turn this around on yourself so you realize what you are missing is what you are not giving.  What you are missing in our own life is a direct reflection of what you are not giving to others and even to yourself. 

If we start to recognize what we feel is missing and we begin to give that to others, we will get that back from others too.  If we become conscious of what we want most in life and we open ourselves up to share that with others, then we will open ourselves up to receive that too.  We must give in order to receive.

It sounds so simple, but to be able to turn this around and realize that what we are missing most is what we are holding back from sharing is sometimes quite hard to grasp.  Then, taking it to the level of starting to give more of yourself, especially in the areas you feel are missing, is even harder to do.

I hope by reading through the questions and doing fieldwork and bonus challenge this week, you will begin to make great strides in eliminating what is missing from your life.  You deserve to have everything you dream of!

Either journal about these topics or spend a few minutes thinking through each of the answers.
- What do you feel is missing from your life?
- Do you give this freely to others?
- How can you give more of what you are missing?
- What would it feel like to not have anything missing from your life?
- What would it feel like to give of yourself more freely?
- How can you give more of yourself so you are missing less in your life?

This week, really begin to think about what you feel is missing from your life.  For example love, companionship, money, kindness, etc.  You get the point.  Make a list of the items you feel are most important for you to have in your life and go deep into what you really need to have a happy, meaningful life.

Quote: Andre Gide- Complete possession is proved only by giving. All you are unable to give possesses you.

Topic 29 Bonus Challenge:
Pick one thing that is really missing from your life right now and focus on giving that to others. See what doing this brings to you!

Enjoy the journey!
Coach Gaye

Friday, August 26, 2011

28- Being Good

The upcoming topic will be What's Missing?  Join me Monday to see more! 

Do you ever wonder what the benefits are of leading a good life?  Why is it so important and why does it matter?  I remember my Mom always saying, do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  While that is a very valid reason to live a good life, I also think it goes much deeper than that.

I used to struggle with the message I got when I saw good things happening to bad people and bad things happening to good people.  How is it fair to have to face bad things when you try so hard to be good and why do some people have great things happen to them when they are not the most upstanding of citizens? 

I finally had an epiphany about this a few years ago.  I realized the most important thing about living a good life is how it makes you feel inside.  It is all about how you feel when you help others, do good for your community or come from a good healthy place in your heart.  You may be the only one that gets to feel this, but it is such a great feeling.  You get the blessings, peace of mind and clear conscience of knowing you are coming from a place of love.  It is crazy to think that we are the beneficiaries when we do good for others, but that is exactly what happens.  The more good we do, the better we feel inside and the more we grow!

I was on a coaching call the other day and the speaker, Derek Rydall, made a comment that goes right along with this topic.  He said "the true state of poverty is being unhappy on the inside".  His point is exactly right.  How we feel on the inside is so important and it shapes so much of who we are.  We make choices each day that shape how we feel on the inside.  When we are doing good, we feel good.  When we are doing bad, we feel bad and what could be worse than that? 

Either journal about these topics or spend some time thinking about each of your answers.
- How do you choose to live your life?
- Do you try to live a good positive life?
- Are you happy on the inside?
- If not, what do you need to do on the outside to feel good on the inside?
- Can you understand that it is the inside that matters most?
- How do you need to live to be at peace on the inside?
- What changes do you need to make in your life?

Think about your life and how you live it.  If there are things you need to do to feel better on the inside, start to make those changes.  Do the things you need to do so you feel great on the inside.

Bonus Challenge:
Make a list of 5 things you can do for others and go out and do those things.  Think about how you feel each time you do one of the items from your list.  Notice the changes this makes on the inside.

Quote: Topic 28: Abraham Lincoln-When I do good, I feel good. When I do bad, I feel bad. That's my religion.
Enjoy the journey!
Coach Gaye

Monday, August 22, 2011

27-B Find the Blessings in Your Everyday Life

This weeks topic, Being Good, is going to be a single post that will come later in the week.  Come back and visit to read more!

If you have worked on the fieldwork and bonus challenge from topic 27-A, you should have plenty of blessings on your list.  I hope you are taking time to notice all of the small things in your life that make a huge impact and bring you fulfillment.  I also hope you have found things to be thankful for that you have never acknowledged before.

By stopping to look around you and find things that bring you joy, I hope you begin to notice how this activity brings you into the present moment.  I know it is hard to stop and be present sometimes, but by doing something as simple as counting your blessings, it really can bring you back to the here and now.  It allows you to step away from anything you may be going through and it really helps you appreciate all of the little things you may normally overlook.

The more you begin to count your blessings, the more blessings you will find.  The blessings you think of at first may be larger blessings, but as you play around with this more and more, you will find that you start to notice the smaller things too.  Really begin to think of all of the things you are thankful for in your life and find your blessings in the everyday!

Either spend some time journaling about these questions or take a few moments to think about your answers.
- What blessings do you have in your life?
- Can you keep adding to your list of blessings?
- Can you begin to acknowledge the small blessings you may normally overlook?
- How do you feel when you think about your blessings?
- How can you remember these blessings when things get hard or hectic?
- Can you use your blessings to help you through rough times?

Whenever you are feeling frustrated or need a little pick-me-up, find some new blessings or think of a few blessings from one of your lists.  Really appreciate all of the things around you and use this activity to help you through the rough times.

Enjoy the journey!
Coach Gaye

Monday, August 15, 2011

27-A Finding the Blessings in your everyday life

Sorry for not posting my new post on Thursday.  I am busy enjoying the blessings in my everyday life.  I will make new posts for last week and the upcoming week on Monday.  Join me then to get the latest updates!

I know sometimes it can feel like the blessings don't stop coming and other times, it may feel like you don't have much to be thankful about.  This week, I want our goal to be finding the blessings in the small things that are all around us everyday.  If you are on top of the world, you can still appreciate the small things around you and if you are struggling to keep it together, there may be something small you can find to appreciate.  Wherever you are in life right now, take a moment to feel the blessings surrounding you.

Do you have a loving family, a friend that makes you laugh, a beautiful garden, or a good book to read?  Did you have a yummy dessert, a good workout today, or do you have a comfortable home?  Whatever it is, take some time to notice the small pieces of your life that make it amazing.

For each of us, the small things we appreciate are going to be very different, but take some time to look around you and find the things that make you smile(either inside or out).  Notice how it feels when you see the small things and acknowledge how they make you feel.  Find some time to do this each day and notice how it changes your outlook. 

Either journal about these questions or spend a few moments thinking about your answers.
- Do you normally take time to appreciate the small things in your life?
- What are some of the blessings surrounding your right now?
- Even if you are going through a rough time, is there at least one small thing you can appreciate?
- Do you feel better inside when you notice the blessings around you?
- How can you slow down a bit and notice these blessings more each day?
- What would it take to make this a habit?
- When will you start to do the work to make it a habit?

Make a list of at least 10 small blessings in your life right now.  If 10 was easy, continue on to 20 or 30.  Make it a bit challenging so you begin to notice the things you may not normally acknowledge.

Topic 27 Bonus Challenge:
Each day make a new list of 10+ blessings. Try to find new blessings each day so you stretch to notice the things you may normally ignore. Remember to challenge yourself and do more than 10 if this does not feel like a stretch.
Charles Dickens- Reflect upon your present blessings of which every man has many, not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some.

Enjoy the journey!
Coach Gaye

Friday, August 12, 2011

26-B Expectations

The upcoming topic will be Finding Blessings in the Everyday!  Come back later to read more!

In delving into our expectations and how they affect our life, it struck me that when we have expectations about others or even about situations that involve others, we may be setting ourselves up for stress or anxiety.  I always tell my kids that they can only control their actions but when we set expectations for others, aren't we trying to control someone else?  Do you see where this situation can lead to frustration? 

When we come into a situation with preconceived expectations, we are in essence trying to control how others are going to act or react and that is something we will never have control over.  When I took my 2 girls to dinner last night is a prime example of this process at work.  They had been really tired due to the start of school so I wanted to give them a little pick-me-up.  I had plans in my head that they would be really excited to go to their favorite Italian restaurant, but because they were so tired, they were not as excited as I had hoped.  They wined and complained through much of the dinner.  After we had been sitting there for a few minutes, I decided that no matter how they were acting, I was going to enjoy my night off from cooking.  I turned the situation inside and  I let go of my expectations for them.  This allowed me to free myself from my anxiety and I enjoyed my dinner even if their reactions did not meet my expectations.

By letting go of my expectations for my girls and for the situation, I was able to be more present and I was able to appreciate what I needed from the dinner out.  I was able to take control of the only person I have control over.  Me!  I changed my thoughts and changed how my entire evening went. 

Either journal about these questions or spend a few minutes thinking about your answers.
- When have expectations made you frustrated?
- Did you expect something of someone else or yourself?
- Did it go exactly as planned?
- How can you let go of expectations so you can be more present and in the moment?
- How can you trust that situations will unfold in the perfect manner if you just let them?
- Who do you have control over?
- What can you do to hold yourself accountable for how you feel and how you handle situations?
- What steps do you need to take to let go of your expectations of others?

The next time a situation arises and you have expectations that are not met, find a way to turn this inside and change your reactions and your thoughts.  Create what you need in that moment.  Take control of you!

Topic 26 Bonus Challenge:
Free yourself from your expectations of others. Know that you are being provided with the message or lesson you need at the moment and allow things to unfold the way they are meant to be.

 Elliott Larson- Anger always comes from frustrated expectations.

Enjoy the journey!
Coach Gaye

Monday, August 8, 2011

26-A Expectations

Something I have been paying attention to lately is how my expectations affect the situations in my life.  If I come into a situation with any preconcieved expectations, when things don't go the way I have worked out in my head, I get upset or frustrated.  I have a hard time just letting things play out the way they should and I find I spend time in advance thinking about how I want things to happen.  I especially notice it with my kids, but I do it with other people and in other situations too.

Here is a prime example.  When my kids get off the bus, I have expectations that homework and dinner time will be happy and fulfilling and not filled with stress.  Really, no laughing;)  When reality sets in and things start to go differently, I find this makes me frustrated.  My reactions become more about what is happening differently than I planned instead of about what is really going on.  When I am able to know that things are going to unfold however they will unfold and I quit trying to plan it all ahead, I become more present and I am able to actually enjoy homework time(or at least appreciate the learning going on).

I hope you can see that by shifting our thoughts, we can change everything about the situation.  If you have times when you are frustrated or angry, ask yourself if it is because you wanted things to go differently than they did?  If you notice this happening, try to let go of your expectations and open yourself up to the moment! 

- Do you have times when you set expectations?
- When do you set the most expectations for yourself and others?
- When are you most angry or upset?
- Could this be caused by having expectations about what you want to happen?
- How does it affect you when things don't go as planned?
- Is there a way to approach situations without a preplanned agenda?
- How would it feel to open yourself up to just letting the situation unfold?
- Is there a way for you to do this?

This week, try to let go of your expectations.  Find at least one situation that normally gets the best of you and realize what expectations you are holding onto about this event.  Let things unfold naturally and appreciate just being in the moment instead of planning it all ahead.

Enjoy the journey!
Coach Gaye  

Friday, August 5, 2011

25-B New Beginnings

The topic for this upcoming week will be Expectations!  Join me tomorrow to read more.

Before a new beginning can show up, sometimes we have to say goodbye to something or someone in our life.  Saying goodbye is never easy, but if we can shift our thinking, saying goodbye does not have to be all bad.  Have you heard the song "Second Chance" by Shinedown before?  It says "sometimes goodbye is a second chance"?  I love the message that sends.  Goodbye can be an opportunity, a second chance.

If we step into each new beginning with the optimism of the second chance it could bring, we may open ourselves up to even more in life.  When you are in the midst of saying goodbye, you may not be able to see past that moment, but once you can take a breath and step back, try to find something positive that can come out of each situation.  By shifting your thoughts, you can really change how you see life.  Begin to see things as positive and this is what you will get.  Start fresh and open yourself up for your new beginnings. 

Either journal about these questions or spend a few moments thinking through your answers.
- What second chances are you ready for in your life?
- How can you look at goodbye as an opportunity instead of an ending?
- What new beginnings do you need to create for yourself?
- How can you open yourself up to the optimism of each new beginning and what it can bring into your life?

Find something you need to change in your life and create your new beginning right now.  Find  your second chance and make it work!

Enjoy the journey!
Coach Gaye

Monday, August 1, 2011

25-A New Beginnings

New Beginnings can bring about so many different emotions.  They can bring about excitement for trying something new, fear of leaving behind your old routine or anger for having to change what has become normal and comfortable for you.  What every new beginning has in common is that it provides you with an opportunity to grow and learn.  When things are ending, like a relationship or job, try to look at the opportunity this ending may be opening up for you. 
 When we are faced with hard times and we know a change needs to happen, it is normal to have difficulty making those changes.  Change is usually hard for us because we are creatures of habit and we get comfort from a routine.  What if we can shift our thinking about this?  What if we can begin to see that the end of one chapter is really a new beginning?  If we can shift our thinking, we can look at change as an opportunity rather than something to avoid.  We can maybe even start to welcome change so we can begin to create the forward movement we need in our lives to help us find true fulfillment.

Many times when we are embarking on a new journey, it is because a chapter of our life has come to an end.  Whether it is going to a new job, having a baby, or moving to a new city, we are letting go of one thing so we can embrace another.  The one constant thing we have in life is change.  We are always going to have something new we are facing or some new situation to get accustomed to.  If things didn't change imagine where we would be.  Be open to your new beginnings!

Either journal about these questions or spend a few moments thinking about your answers.
- How can you look at change as positive?
- How can you see the end of one thing as the opportunity for a new beginning?
- Have you had a time in your life when you felt horrible about the ending of something, but looking back on it now, it really was the beginning of something new and wonderful?
- How can you find the new beginning in the situations you are currently facing?
- What new beginnings are you ready for?

What is something new you are embarking on in your life or something you are struggling with?  Can you begin to see the opportunity in this situation?  How is this going to make a positive impact on you?  Become aware of how this situation can impact your life in a wonderful new way and find your "new beginning"!

Topic 25 Bonus Challenge:
Think about something you are being hesitant to take on because it may be new and challenging. Get out of your comfort zone and don't let anything hold you back. Start your new beginning now!

 Seneca- Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.
Enjoy the journey!
Coach Gaye

Friday, July 29, 2011

24-B What are you waiting for?

The upcoming weeks topic is New Beginnings!  Join me tomorrow to read more!

We are all truly lucky to be here each moment we have.  I know sometimes the challenges in life my make this hard to see, but if we truly think about the alternative, our challenges may not seem so overwhelming.  By losing a friend who had so much life ahead of him, it made me step back and take a moment to appreciate the fact that I got to wake up today and see and hug my kids and husband.  I got to see the flowers blooming and the butterflies flying around.  I got to go outside in the sweltering heat in NC;)  The list really could go on and on.  I can only hope to have that same luck tomorrow!  

There are truly blessings in all of the small things.  There are amazing things all around us if we open ourselves up to noticing them.  Wonderful things are going on everywhere and sometimes we are too caught up in our own lives to notice.

I know some of you may have things going on in your life that are horrible and extremely hard to handle and I don't want to minimize this.  I know life can sometimes seem unfair and you can't understand why something may be happening.  If this is happening for you, I hope there is something in your life that makes you feel "lucky".  If it is seeing a flower bloom or getting a smile from a stranger or having a friend that offers support, find something to be grateful for even if it is something small.   

Either journal about these questions or spend a few moments thinking through the answers.
- What do you feel blessed about in your life?
- What is something amazing happening in your life right now?
- How can you feel more of this in your life?
- How can you appreciate each day you are given and live life to its fullest?
- What would it take for you to feel "lucky"?
- What is holding you back in your life?
- What are you waiting for?

Notice and appreciate something, a situation or someone around you that you may not normally focus on.  Find something "lucky" happening in your life right now.  Skip the negative and find something positive to focus on even if it is just for a minute.  Next, find a way to make this happen for more than just a minute, find a way to make this happen each moment you are here!

Quote:  H.Jackson Brown Jr.- Don't say you don't have enough time. You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Helen Keller, Pasteur, Michaelangelo, Mother Teresa, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson and Albert Einstein.
Enjoy the journey!
Coach Gaye

Monday, July 25, 2011

24-A What are you Waiting For?

The topic this week has changed because something more fitting showed up for me this morning.  I have missed a few days on Facebook and checked this morning and found out a high school friend had passed away.  I was reading his obituary and watching the video clips on the news about his death and I noticed the huge impact his life had on so many people.  He was a hero and he lead an inspiring life and it seems like he lived his life by doing and not just saying.  We can only hope to make an impact the way he has. 

After last weeks topic about finding your purpose, I thought some motivation to truly living your purpose would follow up nicely.  We never know how much time we have here and reading about my friend made me think about my life and how I have so much I want to do.  But, what am I waiting for?  I can tell myself I will start my charity when I have more money or that I will be a better mother or wife when I have less stress and more time, but I don't really have to wait to do all of these things do I?  What am I waiting for?  What are you waiting for?

Decide what you want to accomplish in your life and start taking steps to do it.  Don't wait because you never know how much time you have.  Start making your impact today!

Either journal about these questions or spend some time thinking through each answer.
- Are you living your purpose?
- Are you living the life you were made for?
- Are you accomplishing the things you want in your life?
- What are you waiting for?
- What is holding you back from doing all of these things today?

What would your obituary say about you if you passed away today?  What would you want it to say if you live for another 50 years?  If it does not say what you want it to say, begin making changes in your life so you are working towards fulfilling your dreams.

Topic 23 Bonus Challenge:
Go out of your way to do something extra nice or helpful for someone today. It can be a friend, family or stranger, but challenge yourself to do something you may not normally do for someone else!

Enjoy the journey!
Coach Gaye

Sunday, July 24, 2011

23-B Living a purpose driven life

Topic 24 will be What are you Waiting For.  Join me Monday to read more!

In talking about living a more purpose driven life, my point is for each of you to find what makes you happy and fulfilled and to help you begin to set goals around creating a life that includes this purpose.  I am not saying for you to change your job or your life right now unless that is what works best for you.  I hope you take some time to find what will truly make you happy and I hope you begin to incorporate your purpose into your life at the pace that is perfect for you. 

We have all seen and met people that are so happy and they have a glow about them.  I want each of you to find what gives you that glow and I want each of you to share that special thing about you with the world.  If we all find our purpose and come from the place where we are being true to that purpose, we create a positive environment for everyone around us.  By living our own purpose driven life, our behavior becomes contagious and others will follow our lead.  We not only get benefits by doing something we love, but the more we give and help others and share our true calling, the more fulfillment we get in our life.  Imagine what life would be like if we all found our true calling.

Either journal about these questions or spend some time thinking about your answers.
- What is your purpose?
- What do you have to offer others?
- What are you here for?
- Are you sharing this talent with others?
- If not, what is holding you back from living a purpose driven life?
- How can you incorporate your true purpose and calling into your life right now?

Set 2 goals that will help you begin to live a purpose driven life. What will help you follow your true calling?

Quote: Mitch Albom- The way you get meaning into your life is to devote yourself to loving others, devote yourself to your community around you, and devote yourself to something that gives you purpose and meaning.
Topic 23 Bonus Challenge:
Share your purpose with others. Once you find your purpose, find a way to share it and help others. 

Enjoy the journey!
Coach Gaye

Monday, July 18, 2011

23-A Finding your Purpose

Last week when I wrote about leaving your ego behind, I mentioned using your ego in a positive way to serve others and your greater purpose.  When I wrote this, I thought, that sounds great, but how many people truly know what their purpose is?

If you look inside yourself, you will find your true purpose and calling.  You have to follow your passion and joy and share your true being with others.  Some people may have an "aha" moment and know exactly what their calling is and what path they are destined to take in life.  Others have to really question themselves and open themselves up to find their true purpose.  Which category do you fall in?

I mentioned before that when I found Life Coaching, I knew I had found my perfect fit.  I always knew helping others would play a part in my life and when I found Coaching, I knew I found my true purpose.  I was at a point in my life when I was ready and open to find what I wanted to do for the rest of my life and I found it in Coaching,  I had an "aha" moment, but it was after spending tons of time researching and exploring myself and different career options.  I hope each of you are ready to explore your life and I hope each of you find your true purpose and calling.

Either spend some time thinking through your answers or journal about each of the questions.
- Do you ever wonder why you are here and what purpose your life is supposed to serve?
- Are you open to finding your true purpose in life?
- When are you the happiest?
- Is there a way to incorporate this in a way that serves others?
- If you could be doing anything, what would it be?
- When you weren't concerned about money and bills, what did you enjoy spending your time doing?
- What is your purpose?
- How can you live your life so you are true to your purpose?
- What do you need to do to live on purpose?

Evaluate your life and define when you are happiest and what you think your true purpose is.  Are you living your life sharing your true purpose?  If not, what changes can you begin to make to open yourself up to finding your purpose and sharing that with others?  Take at least one step towards this goal.

Enjoy the journey!
Coach Gaye

Friday, July 15, 2011

22-B Leave your Ego Behind

This weeks post will be Finding Your Purpose.  Join me Monday to read more!

Can your ego ever be beneficial?  There are definitely different thoughts on this.  Some think the ego is always negative and that our ego drives us to be selfish so we should avoid it at all costs.  Others think we would not accomplish anything without a little pushing from our ego so we should embrace it.  I fall somewhere in the middle.  I think our egos can be beneficial if we are being true to our unique self and we use our ego to motivate us to accomplish goals that are positive and serve a greater purpose. 

You need to decide how much you want your ego present in your life.  If you let your ego take over when you react to situations and you want to react from a less egocentric perspective, then work on that.  If you feel your ego can benefit and drive you to help others and the world, then work on that.  Everyone will have different thoughts on this and I encourage you to evaluate what will work best for you and your life.

By being true to your self and your true purpose and calling, you can use your ego to help create the life you really want to be living.  By helping others and living a life that is on purpose, you will see the benefits come back to you.  Begin to define your purpose and evaluate everything you want in your life and decide how your ego will play a part in achieving your goals. 

Does your ego help you or hurt you?
How does it help or hurt you?
Are there times when your ego gets in your way?
Are there times when your ego helps you accomplish beneficial and positive goals?
Can you find a way to balance your ego so it provides benefits but does not rule you in a negative way?

Darren L. Johnson- The ego competes with the spirit for control over your inner voice.

Begin to find ways to use your ego in a positive way to help others while staying true to you.  Open yourself up to others and you will see the benefits in your own life.

Topic 22 Bonus Challenge:
The next time someone is upset with you, begin to notice why they may be reacting the way they are. Are they reacting based on their need to protect their ego? If so, begin to understand this is what is happening and try to approach the situation in a more understanding way. See if you can help them remove their ego from the situation.

Decide the role you want your ego to play and go for it!
Enjoy the journey! 
Coach Gaye

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

22-A Leave your ego behind!

Leaving your ego behind is something I have really been working on for myself lately.  I hope you will enjoy working on this too.  When I am able to leave my ego behind, it really helps me react more truly to a situation.  When my ego shows up in my reactions, I tend to over react and my feelings get hurt and I get more upset about things than I need to.  When I am able to leave my ego out of a situation, it allows me to realize things are not usually personal and it lets me remove myself a bit from the situation.

We have been conditioned to respond to things based on how our ego feels and sometimes that may not produce the best result.  When we come from an ego based response instead of letting our ego go, we may react in a more negative way to things.  We have to protect ourselves right??  I know it is hard to leave your ego behind, but when you do, it allows you to be more present and more true to who you are.  You can remove your learned responses and defenses and really see the situations more clearly.  You can realize you are not your ego and you don't have to protect yourself as much as you thought.

An example of a situation where I know my ego was involved in my responses was when my daughter was playing soccer this spring.  I got caught up in wanting her to be the best and when she got off the field, I would tell her ways to improve.  Once I realized my reaction was based on my ego and my reaction to what other people thought, I decided to change.  I am so much more conscious of telling her the things she does well and I really try to see things through her eyes instead of my own.  I am now better at seeing that my daughter is having fun when she plays and she improves each time she is out there, so really, what more can I ask for.

By shifting my focus from myself and how I was feeling to how my daughter was feeling, I was able to remove my ego from my reaction.  For both of us, this made for a much better interaction.  I hope you will begin to see when you are handling something based on your ego and begin to make small shifts to leave your ego behind!

Either think about your responses or take some time to journal about the following questions.
- Does your ego control your responses?
- Do you react in a certain way to protect yourself?
- Does this work for you in a negative or positive way?
- How can you remove your ego from your responses and not take things so personally?
- How would it feel to remove your ego from your reactions?
- How can you realize your ego is not a definition of who and what you truly are?
- How can you be more true to who and what you are?

Notice your reactions to different situations.  Is your ego involved in your responses?  Allow yourself to take a step back and notice that your ego does not have to control you.  You can respond to both positive and negative situations without allowing your ego to take over.

Enjoy the journey!
Coach Gaye

Friday, July 1, 2011

21-B Perception

The upcoming topic will be Leave Your Ego Behind!  Join me Monday to see more!

Happy 4th of July!  Check back next week for a new post.  I am taking this week off because my youngest child starts kindergarten next week and this is the only week both of my kids have off until our next track-out.  For my perfect balance, I feel I need to spend some time with them this week.  What do you need for your perfect balance this week?  Enjoy your holiday!

Change how you view the world and yourself one thought at a time.  Do you normally dwell on everything going wrong or do you see the things going right in your life?  Shift your focus and perception and change the overall impression of  your life.  Shift from seeing the negative and begin to view things in a more positive light.  I know sometimes this is easier said than done, but by first noticing how you view things and by then making small changes, you really can change your life.

Make a choice to view the bumps and obstacles as just that.  They are happening for a reason.  What can you learn from them?  I believe we invite into our lives what we are ready for, and when things show up, they are there to teach us a lesson we are ready to learn.  Give yourself credit for being ready to learn something new every time a challenge comes your way.  Without the challenges, you may not be able to  move onto the next phase or step in your life.  Begin to see that things are perfect just the way they are.  Our lives are all unfolding at the perfect time and in the perfect way for each of us.  By just changing your perception about this, you can begin to appreciate your life in a more fulfilling way.

Either journal about the following questions or spend some time thinking about each of  your answers.
- What is going on in your life right now?
- What lesson could it be there to teach you?
- What lessons are you ready to learn?
- How can you change your perception of things showing up in your life?
- How can you begin to see things in a more positive way?
-What do you need to work on the most?
- Why does this seem so hard to do?
- What do you need to give yourself credit for accomplishing?

Each time you think something negative about yourself, another person or your circumstances, begin to reshape your thoughts.  Find a more positive spin to put on everything that comes your way.  Really focus on changing your perception of you and notice how that impacts everything else.

Topic 21 Bonus Challenge:
Think about the way you view others. If you see the negative in others then this is what they give you. Make a choice to change your perception and really work on finding something positive in everyone you see. If it is your boss, the grocery store clerk or the neighbor down the street, bring the positive out in them and allow the positive to come into your life

Enjoy the journey!
Coach Gaye

Monday, June 27, 2011

21-A Perception

So much of how we think about life comes down to our perception.  What we perceive to be true and how we interpret this can make an impact on everything that comes our way.  If you think about how you see things on a daily basis, you can get a pretty good idea about how you think your life is and how you see yourself.  Are you usually optimistic or do you usually react in a negative way?  When you meet new people, do you get jealous and think bad thoughts or do you find the good they offer?  At work are you competitive and frustrated or happy and a team player.  If you answered these questions in a negative way, chances are you feel that way about yourself.  If you answered them in a positive way, chances are you like yourself and your life.  You make the choice in the life you create.   

If you often tell yourself how rough life is then this is what your life becomes.  If you tell yourself how wonderful things are then this becomes your life.  You have a choice in how you interpret things every time you are faced with any new experience.  If the line at the grocery store is extra long, how do you react?  Do you get frustrated and say to yourself how life is conspiring against you?  Can you change what you tell yourself and make a situation like this not seem so bad.  What if you said I am not in a rush and the line is a way to allow me to slow down and take a moment when I normally would not?  Can you find the silver lining in your own situations?

I hope you will notice your perceptions this week and begin to make positive changes in the way you see things and in how you react.  What we put out there is what we get back.  How do you want your life to be?

Notice how you view the world, yourself and your life.  Overall, are you negative or positive?  Are you happy with those views?  If not, what needs to happen to change your perception?  Begin making small shifts in your thinking to become more positive.

Either journal about these questions or spend some time thinking about your answers.
- How do you perceive the world?
- How do you perceive your own life?
- How do you view the things going on around you?
- How do you view your friends, family and co-workers?
- Is the glass half full or half empty?
- How can you make sure you see things as half full?
- What steps do you need to take to enhance your perceptions?

Quote: Camille Pissarro- Blessed are those who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing.

I hope you are enjoying my blog and I hope it is helping you create a wonderful life for yourself.  If you are seeing benefits or have feedback, I would love to hear back from you.  If you like what you are reading, pass it along to your friends and join as a follower!

Enjoy the journey!
Coach Gaye

Monday, June 20, 2011

20- Create your Life Plan

The upcoming topic is Perception.

This week I am going to do one post instead of breaking it down into the normal 2 posts.  The topic and fieldwork will work better if you have the whole week to work on things at your own pace.  This topic piggybacks on last weeks topic- Where are you going?  By knowing where you are going, you can begin to set your goals and create the life you want.  If we break things down into smaller categories, it may be easier for you to get a clear picture of how you want each part of your life to look.

A life plan is your interpretation of what you want to achieve in all of the different areas of your life.  From finances to career to family, I want you to evaluate what your vision is for these different areas and then create the path you will take to accomplish this vision.  It is great to go back and revisit this as things change and keep it up to date so you know where you are headed and what you have accomplished.

Physical Health
Mental Health/Character
Love Life
Emotional Well-being
Spiritual Life
Overall Life
Any other aspect not included that is important to you

Go through the categories listed above and make a list and answer the following questions for each item.
- What are your main goals or what is your vision?
- What is your motivation behind these goals or why do you want to achieve these goals? 
- What is your plan or what smaller steps do you need to take to achieve your main objective?
Here is an example to get you started:
 Physical Health-
- My main goals are to be healthy and fit.
- I want to be healthy and fit because it makes me feel better and it makes my quality of life better.  Exercise helps me relieve stress and cope with my life in a more effective manner.
- My plan is to eat better and exercise regularly.  I will go to the gym 5 days this week and I will eat more fruits and veggies and less processed food.

Remember to be true to you and what you want from your life.  We are each different and unique and this is your opportunity to think about the things that are most important to you.  I hope this plan helps each of you achieve more than you ever thought was possible!
Either journal about these topics or spend some time thinking through the answers.
- How will it help for you to have a life plan?
- What benefits do you think you will see?
- What are your main goals in life?
- What life will you create for yourself?
- How will it feel when you accomplish your goals and create the life of your dreams?
- How can you enjoy the process while creating this life for yourself?

Bonus Challenge:
Set one goal for each of the categories listed in this weeks blog and accomplish those goals!

Maria Robinson- Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.
Byrd Baggett- Look at life through the windshield, not the rearview mirror.
Enjoy the journey!
Coach Gaye

Friday, June 17, 2011

19-B Where are you Going?

The topic for next week will be Creating your Life Plan.  What do you want from your future?

Hopefully you read the blog from Monday and have decided on a few big goals for your life.  It doesn't matter how long it takes you to reach your goals or if you zigzag along your path as long as you are focused on the goal or goals and are working towards that.

Earlier in the week, I was talking about a run on the beach and how it gave me the inspiration for this weeks topic.  At the halfway point of my run, there was a shell bed and I really wanted to stop and collect some shells to take home to my kids.  At that point, I had to decide which goal was most important and whether stopping progress on one goal was worth it to accomplish a secondary goal.  I had to be clear on what was most important for me at that time.  I continued my run and found some shells later.

By setting my goal and not letting the obstacles prevent me from accomplishing what I had in mind, I was able to feel good about my progress.  Just setting a goal and reaching it without having to work for it could have been a little boring, but by having the streams and shells in the way, it added some excitement.  Sometimes the obstacles that show up in our life are there for a reason and if we are able to embrace them, it can allow us to get more out of our goals.  By the end of my run, I was taking more chances with my path and it definitely added some excitement to what could have been just another run on the beach.

- What goals are most important to you right now?
- What are you willing to put aside if another opportunity shows up for you?
- Why do you think obstacles show up for you sometimes?
- What can you do to embrace any obstacles?
- What will your journey be like if you embrace everything life throws your way?

What obstacles have you overcome when working on a goal?  How did they show up for you?  Think about how the obstacles enhanced your journey and what they offered you.

Bonus Challenge:
Think outside of your normal comfort zone and push yourself to set one goal that will be a big stretch for you. Believe you are going to achieve this and make it happen!

Paul Coelho- Man improves himself as he follows his path; if he stands still, waiting to improve before he makes a decision, he will never move.

Enjoy the journey!
Coach Gaye

Monday, June 13, 2011

19-A Where are you going?

Happy Monday!  I hope you are all having a wonderful start to your week.

I was at the beach this past week-end and went for a run on the beach one morning.  While I was running, I was thinking about my next blog topic and inspiration hit.  It was low tide but there were streams of water coming up the beach towards the dunes and I had to either run around them or jump over them.  I began to think about how those obstacles could have waylaid my plans if I did not have an end goal in mind and if I was not willing to change my original course.

These obstacles could have caused me to turn back or get discouraged if I was not set on reaching my goal but I had to be flexible to be able to succeed.  If you don't know where you are going, any obstacles can veer you off your path or send you in another direction.  You have to have an idea of where you are going if you want to get there one day.  You may not have direct insight into the path you will take, but by setting your goals, you can begin to head in the right direction.

If you are just going through life with no idea of what you want in the future, you will have a harder time figuring out the path to take.  By setting some clear short and long term goals, you can begin to create the life you want.  Just remember to always enjoy the journey while you are trying to reach your goals.  The path toward the goal is sometimes as exciting as reaching the goal itself.  Where are you going and what path will you take??

Either journal about these questions or spend some time thinking through your answers.
- What do you want from life?
- What are your short term goals?
- What are your long term goals?
- What is your realistic time frame to accomplish each of your goals?
- How will you handle any obstacles that come your way?
- What will help you stay on course until you reach your goals?
- What can you do next to help you begin working towards your goals?

Come up with 3 goals for yourself and start your path towards the life you want to create.  Determine where you are going and find a way to get there!

Enjoy the journey!
Coach Gaye

Friday, June 10, 2011

18-B Surround Yourself with Positive Influences

The upcoming topic will be Where are you going?  Join me tomorrow to read more.....

If we are working on surrounding ourselves with positive influences, we should also consider whether we are doing our part to be a positive influence for others.  To go along with being positive to others, it is important that we treat ourselves in a positive manner as well.  If we approach life from a more positive perspective, and we surround ourselves with positive people, chances are, we will have a more positive outcome.

Are you open and ready to help others and do you send off a positive message?  I know sometimes I catch myself being caught up in my life and I have an interaction with someone and recognize later that I could have been more friendly and open.  It is hard to react in a positive way all of the time, but if we begin to be more aware of the messages we are sending out, we can begin to make small changes.  Over time, those small changes will become your new and positive way of life. 

It is a nice little cycle.  We find the good in ourselves and are positive.  We offer our positive outlook to others and we see the good that others bring into our lives.  We become more positive and treat others more positive and the cycle continues with us reaping the rewards.  When we begin to replace negative messages with positive after some time, everything becomes more positive!   

Either journal about these questions or spend some time thinking about your answers.

- What messages are you sending out?
- Are you a positive influence?
- How do you positively impact others?
- If someone wanted your help reaching a goal, how would you react?
- What can you do to be more positive to yourself?
- What can you do to be more positive to others?
-  How can you have a more positive rewarding life?
- What goals do you need to set for yourself to make this happen?

Be a positive influence to someone else.  Offer up your expertise and pass along a positive rewarding experience for someone in need of help.  Notice how it feels when you go out of your way to help someone else.  Who gets the most benefit?  You or them??

Quote: Donny Osmond-Always surround yourself with people who are better than you. If you are hanging around bad people they are going to start bringing you down but if you surround yourself with good people they are going to be pulling you up.

Enjoy the journey!
Coach Gaye

Monday, June 6, 2011

18-A Surround Yourself with Positive Influences

Since we are on the subject of being positive and inviting what we want in our lives, I thought it would be good to mention how important it is to surround yourself with people that are good role models and positive influences.  If you are working on your life, it is important to pay attention to who you interact with and who you invite into your life.

A friend mentioned the other day how nice it is to be in a group of friends where the couples all seem happy and are in good marriages.  I started thinking how important who we surround ourselves with really is.  If we are trying to have a good marriage and all of the people we are around don't like their spouses it will be harder for us to find happiness.  If we are around couples that are happy together, we can feed off of that and it helps us find happiness too.

If being happy and healthy is important to you, and you have people surrounding you that are happy and healthy, the chance of you achieving that are much greater.  Decide what is important to you and see if the people you have around you support your mission.  If they don't, find people that do.  Find role models you can look up to and who will encourage you to live the life you are ready for.  If you are trying to eat better, find someone that eats more healthy and ask for guidance.  If you want to set career goals, find someone that is great at that.  You get the point, evaluate what is most important to you right now and find some positive influences to help you with your goals.

I don't want you to dump everyone that does not fit exactly with your goals.  I am sure you have your particular friends for a reason.  They give you something right?  Instead of pushing anyone aside, evaluate the good your friends and family bring to you and make sure to appreciate those traits in them.  Decide what each one does best and look at them for support in that way.  Find the way they positively influence you.

If we find what is positive in the people surrounding us and if we add positive influences where we need support, we will reach our goals much easier and faster.  Set yourself up for success!

Either journal about the questions or spend some time thinking through your answers.
- Who do you surround yourself with?
- Are they negative or positive?
- How does this impact you?
- What are your life goals?
- How can you find positive role models to help you achieve these goals?
- Who would support you living the life of your dreams?
- Who is a positive role model you can reach out to?
- What does it feel like when you come in contact with someone that is positive?

Decide on at least one goal you are working on and find someone positive to support you in that.  Find someone that will offer you support, be a positive role model and help you along your path.

Bonus Challenge:
Be a positive influence on yourself.  Evaluate what is positive about you.  What do you offer others and what is great about you?
Enjoy the journey!
Coach Gaye

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

17-B Invite what you need into your life!

So, back to my normal posting schedule this week.  The upcoming topic will be Surround Yourself with Positive Influences.

Again, sorry for the delay in getting the rest of last weeks posts out to you.  My blogger was down for 3 days and then I was out of town without computer access.  This week, I will finish topic 17 and to keep with my normal schedule, I will start topic 18 on Sunday.

After being sent 3 messages last week answering my questions about completely trusting in the laws of attraction and abundance, I thought I was done.  I guess the universe wanted to make sure I was a complete believer because I received 2 more messages by the end of the week.  My Mom sent me a message that said "May today there be peace within.  May you trust that you are exactly where you are meant to be.  May you not forget in the infinite possibilities that are born of faith in yourself and others.  May you use the gifts that you have received, and pass on the love that has been given to you.  May you be content with yourself just the way you are.  Let this knowledge settle into your bones, and allow your soul the freedom to sing, dance, praise and love.  It is there for each and every one of us."  The 2nd message I received was again from "The Butterfly Experiment"(get more details in 17A)and it was about manifesting extras and ordering what I want from life.  It talked about the need to practice faith in the laws I had been questioning and it went through details about asking for what I want from life.  Both of these messages are so positive and so powerful if we are open to believe.

So, I ask for a little support and I get sent 5 messages that point me along my path.  If you ask for what you want or need from life, what messages do you think you will receive?  Don't be afraid to ask for what you want from life and don't be afraid to listen to the answers.

It amazes me how much control we have over what we bring into our lives.  If we are aware and open, we can invite exactly what we need.  Believe you can have it, then create it!

Either journal about these topics or spend some time thinking through the answers.
- What do you need in your life?
- What do you need to invite to you?
- What is holding you back from trusting you can have anything you want in your life?
- What would it take for you to take control and create your perfect life?
- What are you going to invite into your life this week?

Notice what you are inviting into your life and if it is not what you want, change the message you are sending out.  Think positive thoughts and notice the difference in what shows up for you.  What you send out is what you get back.

Bonus Fieldwork:
Picture one thing you want to invite into your life and think about it for a few minutes each day.  Visualize yourself having this and notice when it shows up.  Believe without a doubt that you can have it(whatever it is)! 

Enjoy the journey!
Coach Gaye

Monday, May 30, 2011

New post coming soon!

Join me tomorrow for a new post.  Blogger was down last week for my normal posting and I was out of town for the week-end so posts are delayed a bit.  Hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

17-A Invite what you need into your life

I hope you are all having a wonderful Monday.  I know some of you may read the topic and wonder exactly what I mean.  This past week, I was bombarded with a message and wanted to share my story with you.  While running with a friend, I mentioned I was struggling with trusting in the law of attraction and the law of abundance 100%.  I was almost there, but could not just let go and give in completely.  I left our conversation thinking about what I would need to trust completely and the universe answered over and over again.  It is funny how the world presents to us what we need when we need it. 

Later in the day after my run, I got an email from a friend entitled "Attitude".  Here is the email-  There was once a woman who woke up in the morning, looked in the mirror and noticed she had only 3 hairs on her head.  "Well" she said, "I think I will braid my hair today."  So she did and had a wonderful day.  The next day she woke up, looked in the mirror and saw that she had only 2 hairs on her head.  "HMM" she said, "I think I'll part my hair down the middle today."  So she did and had a grand day.  The next day she woke up, looked in the mirror and noticed that she had only one hair on her head.  "Well" she said, "today I am going to wear my hair in a pony tail."  So she did and she had a fun, fun day.  The next day she woke up, looked in the mirror and noticed there wasn't a single hair on her head.  "Yay!" she exclaimed, "I don't have to fix my hair today!"  The email continued to say Attitude is everything... Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass...It's about learning to dance in the rain.

I had also just started reading the book "The Law of Intention" by Wayne Dyer and I was feeling overwhelmed and I was not sure how to just let go. I was not sure whether to continue with the book but I had gotten the recommendation from a friend and decided to continue reading.  I am so glad I did because the book unfolds in the perfect way and it really gave me steps and thoughts to use to set my intentions and trust completely in myself and the life I am creating.  It also goes into detail about life being what you make of it and shows how your attitude toward others and yourself plays a huge role.

That same day, I got another email from this "Butterfly Experiment" I am doing.  To learn more visit  The topic of the day was "Limiting Beliefs".  The message went into detail about how the only thing that can hold you back is your own limiting beliefs, but these beliefs can be changed if you are open to rewriting your mantra.

All alone, I may not have paid much attention to each topic on it's own, but when 3 things show up so quickly right after I ask for help, it is hard not to believe.  My attitude and hesitancy in believing were exactly what was holding me back but once I opened myself up and asked for help, I got the answers I was looking for.  Have you ever wondered how you get exactly what you need when you need it?  Imagine if you actually invite more of what you need into your life and ask for things and they show up as easily as they did for me.  Pretty powerful thinking isn't it?

Either journal about these questions or spend some time thinking through each answer.
- What keeps showing up for you in your life?
- Is it positive or negative?
- What is the message you need to get from it?
- What do you really want from your life?
- How can you trust in the process of inviting what you need into your life?

Be really conscious of what keeps showing up for you this week.  What are you asking for and drawing into your life?  Are you getting the message that keeps showing up?

Ralph Waldo Emerson- Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.

Invite what you need into your life!  Enjoy the journey!
Coach Gaye

Friday, May 20, 2011

16-B Coming Home

The upcoming topic will be Inviting What You Need Into Your Life.

Happy Friday!

We all need a safe comfortable place that makes us feel "home".  This week, I hope you have found a few places or activities that bring you that peace and comfort and leave you revitalized.  I know after the last few days I have had, I need a dose of "home" myself.  I will definitely be making an effort to rebalance myself and get my energy back today.

If you know what being home gives you and if you are aware of the feelings you have when you are in balance, you will be able to tell when you need a dose of "home" for yourself too.  By being aware of  your feelings when you are recharged or by knowing when you are running out of energy, you can begin to spend time in your special place before you are on empty.  You will be able to sense when you are not spending enough time taking care of you and by taking just a little bit of extra time, you can fully revitalize yourself.

I hope you begin to notice your energy levels when you are taking care of yourself and you make an effort to spend your time at a higher energy level instead of being in a place where you feel rundown.  If we all take time to get to know ourselves we can create an energy shift by going home whenever we need to.

Either journal about these questions or spend some time thinking about your answers.
- What does it feel like to have a place/activity that recharges you?
- How will it feel to know when you need to visit "home"?
- How do you find your balance between being home and being elsewhere?
- What does it do to your energy when you go home?
- What do you need in your life to keep your energy positive?

Work on being aware of when you are feeling disconnected from home.  Make an effort to balance yourself before you are on empty.  Work on keeping your energy running at a higher level.  Keep your tank full!

If you are enjoying the blog, pass it along to your friends and family!  Also, if you have any feedback, I would love to hear from you.

Enjoy the journey!
Coach Gaye

Monday, May 16, 2011

16-A Coming Home

What does home mean to you?  In yoga last week, my instructor asked us this question and for me many different things came to mind.  My childhood home, the home I live in now with my husband and children, working out, reading, and doing yoga.  I feel lucky to have so many places or things that make me feel "home".  I can go to these places and feel safe and secure and recharge myself.

My instructor said she thought about this question after finally getting to do yoga after a 2 week hiatus.  She said after class, she was driving home and she felt a great sense of "coming home".  What really struck me about this was not only the coming home part, but it was the energy she brought to class that day.  She is always so fun loving and energetic, but that day she was exceptional.  We could all feel she had "gone home" too.

I want each of us to know the feeling of going home and to be able to feel the energy that pours out because we have done exactly what we need just for us. 

- What do you need to do to feel like you are "home"?
- What is home to you?
- How often do you spend time there?
- What does it feel like to be "home"?
- What is your energy level?
- What does it do for you as a person?
- How can you make it a point to spend more time in that place?

Define what "home" means to you.  It does not necessarily need to be a place.  It can be an activity or it can be a person that makes you feel safe and secure.  Where can you go to recharge and feel like you are doing something just for you?  Find that place and make a point to spend some time there this week.

Topic 16 Bonus Challenge:
Was there an energy shift when you went "home"? Notice what your energy felt like this week when you took time to go to your safe place and recharge.

Maya Angelou- I long, as does every human being, to be at home wherever I find myself.

Enjoy the journey!
Coach Gaye