Friday, May 20, 2011

16-B Coming Home

The upcoming topic will be Inviting What You Need Into Your Life.

Happy Friday!

We all need a safe comfortable place that makes us feel "home".  This week, I hope you have found a few places or activities that bring you that peace and comfort and leave you revitalized.  I know after the last few days I have had, I need a dose of "home" myself.  I will definitely be making an effort to rebalance myself and get my energy back today.

If you know what being home gives you and if you are aware of the feelings you have when you are in balance, you will be able to tell when you need a dose of "home" for yourself too.  By being aware of  your feelings when you are recharged or by knowing when you are running out of energy, you can begin to spend time in your special place before you are on empty.  You will be able to sense when you are not spending enough time taking care of you and by taking just a little bit of extra time, you can fully revitalize yourself.

I hope you begin to notice your energy levels when you are taking care of yourself and you make an effort to spend your time at a higher energy level instead of being in a place where you feel rundown.  If we all take time to get to know ourselves we can create an energy shift by going home whenever we need to.

Either journal about these questions or spend some time thinking about your answers.
- What does it feel like to have a place/activity that recharges you?
- How will it feel to know when you need to visit "home"?
- How do you find your balance between being home and being elsewhere?
- What does it do to your energy when you go home?
- What do you need in your life to keep your energy positive?

Work on being aware of when you are feeling disconnected from home.  Make an effort to balance yourself before you are on empty.  Work on keeping your energy running at a higher level.  Keep your tank full!

If you are enjoying the blog, pass it along to your friends and family!  Also, if you have any feedback, I would love to hear from you.

Enjoy the journey!
Coach Gaye

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