Friday, April 29, 2011

13B- Gratitude

The upcoming topic will be Sharing Gratitude with our Children.  Join me tomorrow to read more!

The goal this week is to make gratitude part of your everyday life.  By being gracious and appreciative of everything you have, you open yourself up to invite more into your life.  If you begin to practice showing gratitude on a regular basis, you can go from saying things like "I am grateful for my family" to "I am grateful for the joy my children bring" or "I love it when my husband makes me laugh".  The more you practice showing gratitude, the more you will be able to drill down to the core of what makes you gracious.  You will be able to define what you are truly thankful for and this will allow you to appreciate life even more.

There are many different ways to show gratitude.  You can be gracious for external things, you can be gracious for the things others bring to your life and you can be gracious to yourself for the things you do well.  Try to be conscious of all of these things when you are showing gratitude.  Don't leave anyone or anything out.  If you are thankful for the blue sky and butterflies, put them on your list.  If you are thankful for the smile a stranger gave you or the help a friend offered, put that on your list.  If you are proud of the way  you handled your children or if you did a great job at work, put that on your list.  The list is yours alone, so own it!

The bonus challenge this week is to let others know when you are gracious for the things they do.  Make a point to let others know when you are grateful and see how it makes them and you feel.  If we all share positive thoughts with others, everyone will benefit!

Either journal about these questions or spend some time thinking about your answers.
- What are you grateful for?
- How often do you think about the things that are positive in your life?
- How can you do this even more?
- Can you take a few moments each day to think of the things you are grateful for?
- How does it feel when you show gratitude?
- How does it feel when others show gratitude to you?
- How can you share or spread that feeling?

Every night before bed or each morning when you wake up, take a few minutes to think through the things you are grateful for.  Make this a daily habit and notice the changes!

Enjoy the journey!
Coach Gaye

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