Friday, May 6, 2011

14-B Teaching Gratitude to your children

I hope everyone is enjoying their week.  I can't say I am not a bit disappointed I did not hear back from more people about how they teach their children gratitude, but I know as parents, we are all so busy.  Here are a few ways others have taught their children gratitude.  I hope you enjoy seeing what others have done so you can create this for your family.

As a family, make a list of the things you are all grateful for.  Do this as a group and include things each of you are grateful about.  Revisit this often and see how things change.

Model gratitude to your children.  When they do something you are grateful for, make sure you thank them and let them know how appreciative you are.  If you show them this, they will begin to do this as well.

Go without things when the opportunity arises.  For instance, when the hurricanes hit recently and many were without power, this was a great way to teach our children how it would be if we did not have electricity to do all of the things we take for granted each day.  It was a great opportunity to remember all of the things we are usually able to do and be grateful for those.  Find the lesson when it is available.

I am not doing questions today, so make sure to really focus on the fieldwork and create your own family traditions around showing/teaching gratitude.

Fieldwork: Create a ritual/tradition for your family that shows or teaches gratitude to your children.
Enjoy the journey!
Coach Gaye

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