Thursday, February 24, 2011

4B This Week's Topic is Abundance!

The upcoming topic is What is your light?  What is unique and special about you?  Check back Monday for the latest blog and fieldwork!

Topic 4-B Abundance

If there is plenty for everyone and we can all have what we want, how do we get it?  The first step is to figure out what we truly want?  By looking at others and their skills and traits, we can begin to decide if those fit for our perfect life.  When you see a trait or skill someone else has, either appreciate that quality in them and acknowledge it or if it is something that fits for you, decide how to incorporate that into your life.  Don't be afraid to test things out and continually work on defining your perfect balance.

When you see someone that seems to have the perfect life, would you really want everything they have?  The good and bad?  The trials and successes?  If you could really see every ones complete life, would you want to be anyone other than yourself?  Probably not.  Take the bits and pieces that work for you and create your ideal life.

Look at everything around you and decide what you want.  You are on the right path when you begin to understand who you are and when you realize you can have and create anything you want in your life.  Remember there is plenty for everyone!

Spend some time thinking about these questions or take some time to journal about them.
- What traits and characteristics do you admire in others?
- Do you want those for yourself?
- If so, how can you create that for you while remaining true to who you are?
- Who do you want to be?
- If you could create anything for yourself, what would it be?
- What is the first step you need to take to begin to create that?

If you have found things you want to add into your life, begin to take the steps you need to create that for yourself.  Start small and keep building from there.  Become the person you want to be!

Bonus Challenge topic 4-
The first step to creating your ideal life is to get a clear picture of how your ideal life will look. If there is plenty for everyone, what do you want in your life? How will your life look if you can have everything you want? Think about your ideal life and don't limit yourself. You can have it all!!

Enjoy the journey!
Coach Gaye

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